MiniBoat Launches

In this video, watch three MiniBoat launches from around the world: Monk SealCanarias II, and Moby. Schools from Portugal and the Canary Islands begin their Educational Passages programs with help from EMEPC and PLOCAN.

Portugal’s MiniBoat Program

Shot and edited by VALUMA, “a media channel designed to celebrate the magnetism of the Sea”, this video shows the recovery, rebuild, and relaunch of West. This MiniBoat from Westbrook, Maine crossed the Atlantic and washed ashore in Portugal. West continued its journey thereafter, landing again on the foreign shores of Scotland.

Belgium’s MiniBoat Program

The Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) of Belgium prepared this video overview of their MiniBoat Program. The program’s role in promoting Global Ocean Literacy is key to the Educational Passages mission.  Their boat, Boot, was launched alongside PLOCAN’s Canarias IV in June of 2016.

Charleston’s MiniBoat Program

In this video, Charleston students and educators talk about their experience building, launching, and tracking a MiniBoat. Their boat, Carolina Dreamer, crossed the Atlantic from South Carolina to Dingle, Ireland. The Irish recovered, refurbished, and relaunched the boat which is now on its way back across the Atlantic.