Program Overview
We use unmanned mini-sailboats equipped with GPS tracking devices to study ocean and wind patterns and much more. These five foot mini-boats need no outside assistance and will sail directly downwind month after month. As these boats travel the oceans of the world to faraway lands students will have the opportunity to learn and improve their skills in the following:

  • Map reading
  • Geography
  • Earth science
  • Oceanography
  • Naval architecture
  • Boat building
  • International relations
  • Meteorology

What Makes This Program Unique?
It’s a school wide project from grade school through high school including schools of technology. Vocational students produce the boats from naval architect drawings and foreign language students will be talking to students abroad to arrange for their boat’s rescue or recovery. Grade school kids will learn as their boats follow the courses of the early explorers to the new world. If desired, Educational Passages team can visit your school to present to your students, we can help you launch your miniboat and depending on who we finder help, can even arrange a facility tour!

Program Includes

  • Introductory school assembly
  • Launching help
  • Ongoing support, guidance, and assistance through out the voyage
  • Assistance with retrieval

Flexibility and Community Boats
We want this project to be as exciting and meaningful for students as we can possibility make it. We will work with you to customize a plan for you. The Maine Maritime State of Maine training ship might be able to launch your boat, Freighter leaving a port near near you or NOAA research vessel are other possibilities. Another option is a “community boat”, share a miniboat with another school or organization and reduce your costs significantly.

Costs (effective July 1, 2016 and subject to change)
Complete boat with GPS $ 2,300

About Educational Passages
We are now a Maine Non-profit corporation with an extremely knowledgeable board of directors.  Our directors include 2 ship captains, a NOAA research oceanographer, Maine Maritime Academy professor, educators, a businessman, and a solo sailor.  We are an enthusiastic group having fun with the common goal of providing the best and most exciting hands on learning opportunities we can for students.

Atlantic Relations and Research Regatta
Fall 2016 Schools from Florida to Newfoundland, Belgium, France, Portugal, the Azores, Canary Islands, Spain and hopefully the Caribbean will work together and with local marine experts launching oceanography projects, 5ft unmanned sailing vessels called miniboats, and monitoring the Atlantic Ocean currents and wind cycle. All of the boats in this regatta will have a GPS unit aboard, sending real time data to satellites, communicating position, relative speed of travel, and weather’s effects on the ocean surface. We at Educational Passages are hoping to involve as many students and experts as possible. Your help spreading this information through student networks could inspire future oceanographers or generate the needed connection to help launch, recover, or re-launch a miniboat, possibly off a coast near you! See flyer for more information and a picture of the miniboat.

For more information on Educational Passages or to receive periodic updates, email Founding Director Dick Baldwin