1. Did you apply 2 coats of good antifouling bottom paint? (Tip – because these boats as so little their sides are continually wet. Barnncules will grow up on the sides and really slow your boat down. We suggest you use bottom paint right up to the deck level. Do this just before launching because most bottom paints are soft, don’t dry out very well and are messy. Don’t forget to thoughly sand the boat before painting.
  2. Check to make sure your GPS is functioning properly BEFORE launching. Is your boat posted on our website and have you told us about your plans?
  3. Did you send us a photo(s) and a write up on your boat so we can post your boat to the website?
  4. Are you confident about your launch site? Are you launching it where it should make a nice long

    voyage to perhaps contentment?

  5. Check with us or some another professional who knows the currents and winds in your area before having your boat re-launched. Don’t forget re-launching your boat in the same spot she came ashore seldom works!
  6. Is the deck plate cover screwed down tightly and is the little black rubber washer or “0 ring in place to ensure its water tight?
  7. Try to get your boat recovered at sea to avoid being damaged in the surf.